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If life is a collection of moments,
then your Wedding should be one of the best moments of all.
For the Bride, you’ve found your life partner,
now it is time to find your one and only Gown.

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Welcome to GWM Wedding, we specialise in crafting bespoke wedding dresses that capture your unique style and vision. Our team consists of highly skilled bridal designers and talented seamstresses who possess a profound passion for transforming your vision of the perfect dress into a stunning reality. They work diligently, employing the utmost care and attention to detail, and exclusively employing the finest bridal fabrics.

For the bride who wants to leave a lasting impact, bespoke designs offer an idiosyncratic and majestic bridal look, made from exclusive fabrics and perfected in fit. Our bespoke bridal dresses truly embody your personality, drawing inspiration from your individuality rather than conforming to trends or traditions.

Bespoke Wedding Dresses

A Stunning Range of Bespoke Wedding Dresses

At GWM, we believe that a bride’s gown should not only reflect her style and personality but also make a lasting statement on her special day. Each custom made bridal wear is designed and crafted by our dedicated team, who are passionate about their craft and committed to creating bespoke bridal dresses that are as extraordinary as the bride herself. If she is a strong, mysterious yet feminine woman with impeccable taste and a desire to stand out in a unique style, she deserves a dress that surpasses the ordinary.

That’s why our philosophy revolves around designing, developing, and creating truly special and memorable bespoke wedding dresses that focus on originality, breaking away from the idea of a “uniform” or something that has been seen and done before. It’s the intricate design details, unique laces, custom embroidery, and personalized elements that give our gowns soul and an unmistakable sense of individualism.

Last but not least, all our gowns, clothing and accessories are designed in Melbourne, Australia and Made in our workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam.

1. Bespoke Bridal Wear

A Custom Made Bridal Wear Just For You!

How does the journey unfold? Custom Made process

At your appointment, GWM’s devoted and professional stylists will introduce to you exquisite in-house samples to curate the perfect look and feel for your custom made bridal wear. We offer a specialized service that enables you to explore endless possibilities, such as adding or removing sleeves, combining different gown elements, incorporating buttons, exploring alternative fabrics, or transforming necklines and dress lengths. This is your moment to customize your dress and create a truly distinctive piece that is a testament to your personal style.
size, cross size, hems included….

Embarking on the journey of having a bespoke wedding dress created is a truly enchanting experience. If you are willing to invest in a dress that holds immense value, our in-house stylists will collaborate closely with our designers to bring the wedding dress of your dreams to life. There is nothing quite like witnessing the dress you have envisioned materialize before your eyes, ensuring that your dress is utterly unique and perfectly aligned with your desires. While our collection of bespoke wedding dresses is undeniably stunning, choosing to invest in a couture designer elevates the process of finding “the one” to an extraordinary level, making it truly special and eternally unforgettable.

The Process Of Creating Your Bespoke Bridal Dresses

The process of searching for the perfect bespoke bridal dresses is a creative journey that involves a deep collaboration between you, the bride, and our talented team. Together, we will merge minds and visions to develop a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. It all begins with a detailed sketch, meticulously outlining the fabric, trims, intricate details, and embellishments that have been thoughtfully selected and agreed upon during our initial consultations. As we progress, the design evolves through a series of fittings, ensuring the final pattern is perfected and the gown fits flawlessly. 

Every custom made bridal wear we create is a work of couture art, meticulously crafted by hand. Once we reach the final fabric stage, your bespoke bridal dress is carefully cut, and then the magic truly unfolds. Our skilled artisans embellish and detail your dress, pouring their expertise into every stitch. We firmly believe that a dress must be exquisite from every angle. Thus, our focus lies in creating breathtaking embellishments, intricate beading, and exquisite embroidery that transform the dress into a true masterpiece.

Indulge in the enchantment of bespoke bridal dresses at GWM Wedding. Let us embark on this extraordinary journey together, designing a gown that is uniquely yours. 

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  • Mix and Match bridal wear

We were creatives hailing from a non bridal background, setting out to create modern heirlooms to be loved and passed on. Our vision is to emerging the tradition to non traditional and bring out the best in our brides. Be confident, be happy and be in the best moment of your life.

  1. Two piece wedding dresses
  2. Bridal jumpsuit/suit
  • Custom Made your Bridal look
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Custom Made Bridal Accessories

  • Custom made Bridal veils
  • Custom Made Bridal Jewellery
Custom Made Bridal Accessories
Custom Made Bridal Accessories
Custom Made Bridal Accessories
“I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at GWM for all your time and patience in getting the dresses ready for the day!”

Jasmin Croll


Special thank you to Lily for designing this dress you made me feel like a princess, your attention to detail in all your dresses are amazing & a big thank you to Ines for great customer service throughout all my fittings. Highly recommend GWM to anyone looking for some beautiful wedding dresses. I felt so beautiful in my wedding dress!💞❤️

Hayley Maguire


Ines was amazing. She's not only a designer but she also helped me find my dress. I've been to a few other places prior but her service just outshone the rest. I don't know if it's because I got in during their Sample sales week but the dress prices are very reasonable. I especially loved the fact that Ines helped pin up my dress to really help me see what it'll look like after it's been altered - which really helped when "saying yes to the dress".



Wedding dress shopping was a horrid experience for me from start to finish. In tears, I turned to GWM Wedding to help me create my dream dress. The GWM team went above and beyond to make miracles happen! I wouldn't have had a dress if the girls didn't work super hard to pull it off right at the last second!. Highly recommend !!!!

Nina Allen


“I just wanted to touch base and say thank you once again for all your help with my flower girls' dresses. The girls loved wearing them and they looked fantastic on my wedding day.”



Outfit of the Month

Each months, GWM will pick the favourite dresses or Bridal wear :

For this Spring, This beautiful off shoulder gown GWM 2218 is our favourite. Made from a soft silk organza , this gown can be custom made from lace up to Zip , also able to add beading if the brides want an extra bling. 

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The best way to contact us is via email. So, that’s Or Direct message at GWM Wedding Facebook/Instagram


Our Showroom is in Melbourne, Australia.
Our Workshop is in Hanoi, Vietnam
But we definitely can work with brides from all over.


I usually suggest two weeks before the wedding, with one week before the wedding being the very latest. That’s usually because in those last few days or weeks, brides tend to lose weight, which is pretty normal.

So, collecting your dress one of two weeks before the wedding means we have time to do any final adjustments and you’ll have enough peace of mind to not panic.


Normal time is different to bridal time. All of a sudden when planning a wedding, you need to book everything a year out so you need to be organised and plan ahead.
With the Ready to Wear collection, I recommend a minimum of 4 months to come in. The process of getting a couture gown made takes approximately 8 to 10 months. That’s when I would recommend coming in for a consultation. Sometimes certain fabrics can take some time to come in or design so 6 to 8 months before your wedding would be the best time.


If you’re an interstate or international client, we’d love to hear from you, and we can arrange a Skype consultation. It’s actually not too difficult to work with brides from all over the world. So, after our Skype consultation, we request measurements and if you go for a couture gown, we then make the gown according to your measurements as close as possible.

I always recommend if you’re buying a dress via Skype, internationally or interstate, that you have someone to help you on your end with minor alterations. The most common alterations that might be needed include the hem and the closure may need to be tighter. That’s usually the extent of the alterations.


My advice to brides is to go with whichever designer you have a natural connection with. You know when you meet someone whether you click or not, and I like to work with brides that I click with, especially when it’s a one-on-one process. It’s a long process, it’s like 6 to 8 months, so you really want to have a good mojo.

Brides definitely need to figure out whose style they trust so if you’ve been following a brand for a really long time, and you like the majority of what they do, then you know you’re going to like what they create for you because you like their personality, their aesthetic.


During your couture design appointment, I’ll sit down with you and I’d like you to share with me your ideas, inspiration images, what you do and don’t like, what you want to hide and what you want to show off on your body. I basically want to get to know your aesthetic, get to know your style, and then work with you to design the dress.


GWM gowns range in price from $1500 – $5000 AUD.
Custom Made wedding dresses start from $2000 AUD


All of our accessories, veils and headpieces are made to complement the hue of our gowns. If you are unsure, please feel free to speak to our online support team at who will be able to guide you.


All of our accessories, veils and headpieces are made to complement the hue and fabrication of our gowns. If you are unsure, please feel free to speak to our online support team who will assist you with your choice.


As all of our gowns and accessories are entirely hand-beaded, we consider them heirloom pieces to be handed down from one generation to the next. We recommend having your wedding gown professionally dry-cleaned after your wedding day with a company that has experience with hand-beaded gowns. Wrap your gown and accessories in tissue paper and store them in a dry, cool and shaded space.

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