5 Centrepiece Ideas to Top Off Your Tables

5 Centrepiece Ideas to Top Off Your Tables

GWM knows better than anyone that a major decision for your wedding day is, of course,
what you’ll wear, but a bride doesn’t just have to worry about how she’ll look– the venue
needs to be beautiful too! Here are 5 ideas for how to decorate your tables with
centrepieces that suit your wedding aesthetic perfectly.

1. Flowers
You can never go wrong with a classic choice. Floral centrepieces are timeless and versatile:
based on your choice of flowers, they can create a sleek and modern look, or help you
create the whimsical fairy forest of your dreams. Colourful flowers can effortlessly tie
together your wedding colour scheme. Choose fresh flowers for a natural feel, or find
preserved flowers that last longer, so your wedding memories persist long after the day

2. Candles

Encapsulate the fire of your love with a soft flame that casts a gentle light on your reception
and adds a sense of movement and vitality to your centrepieces. An evening event is made
even more magical with elegant candle centrepieces. (Keep in mind, though, that some
venues have a No Open Flame policy!)

3. Terrariums and Lanterns
For a unique take on some classic go-tos, try using terrariums or lanterns to hold your
flowers and candles. This adds a wonderful, dynamic shape to your table, and can be used
to build both a modern and rustic look.

4. Fruit

If you’re looking for a pop of colour or a natural feel but aren’t keen on flowers, try fruit!
This is an especially good option for destination weddings (where you can make use of the native fruits) or

summer weddings (the fruit can even serve as extra delicious snacks at the
end of the event)!

5. Old Bottles
For our brides who love reusing and recycling, try using old bottles (spray-painted or as
they are) to spruce up your display of flowers or lights in your centrepieces.

Spruce up your tables with centrepieces your guests will never forget.

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