Advantages of Having An Outdoor Wedding

Advantages of Having An Outdoor Wedding

While discussing expo ideas as a team, particularly decor for an outdoor stand , we came across a lot of creative and lovely ideas people had used to bring their dream wedding to life outdoors .

I know outdoor weddings often create one overwhelming worry, bad weather on your big day. This is valid, however if you are have chosen a warm summers day to have your lovely wedding outdoors, then here are a few things that you have going for you over the rest:


Creative Freedom

No matter where you end up hosting your nuptials outdoors, even if it is the backyard of your home, there is a lot more room for flexibility when it comes to what you can and cannot pull of creatively and affordably.

Whispering Pines Rustic Wedding Blog – Farm Chic

Multiple entertainment options

When your wedding is outside, unorthodox outdoor entertainment and special considerations can be catered for. You can have a small petting zoo for the kids, a group of flower girl teacup pigs… you name it, cute adorable and exciting additions and activities that would cost quite the pretty penny to host indoors.


Hamlet the micro pig by Jack Crone For Mailonline

Natural scenery and light

Ambiance is everything on your big day, hence the reason a size-able amount is set aside for lighting indoor venues. However most photographers will tell you that there is a subtle but quite effective touch brought to pictures by natural light utilized properly.

Published on 03 March 2015 Stock photo - Image ID: 100313030

By num_skyman

Flexibility with guest numbers

When it comes to booking an indoor area, venues will require an exact number of people that will be in attendance on the day and this can be a bit difficult if you want an informal wedding full of a multitude of friends. This is easily resolved if you use an outdoor space and provide various seating and standing options, eg milk crates decorated with cushions make good extra seating for a farm or rustic wedding.


Jennifer Decorates- DIY Milk Crate Ottoman|


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