Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

Today we want to talk about everything that comes to play for your bridal look, not your wedding dress. I know what you are thinking; bridal accessories in Melbourne are not easy to find.

That is why at GWM Wedding, we have been working hard to create our range of bridal jewelry. GWM offering in-house veils and boleros since we started in 2017, but this year we are bringing amazing hand-crafted unique pieces of jewelry to all of our Melbourne brides to be. 

We love, love, love a little boho moment with a beautiful headband. As a designer I am also obsessed with bringing the ‘something blue’ throughout our jewelry. 

Our new jewelry range offers earrings, headpieces, headbands, and custom-made pieces to suit all brides!

Here are some photos of the new range: 


When it comes to veils, we cater for all types of brides; we have short and plain veils, cathedral length veils with complete beading or lace; and if you can’t find the perfect veil, we can custom make them match your wedding dress. How ideal is it to have the lace on your gown and veil? 

At GWM Wedding, we have seen an increase in demand for single tire veils with beading edging; these styles tend to complement most wedding dresses. 

A fantastic alternative to veils is capes; flowing tulle from your shoulders is a modern take on the more traditional veil covering. We have seen more and more brides move to a more sophisticated and less conventional look.





Finally, I wanted to talk about alternatives for winter weddings. Adding a tulle or fur shawl to your bridal look can bring a little extra something while keeping you warm and cozy on your wedding day. 

When searching for Bridal accessories in Melbourne East, make sure you come by GWM Wedding to find your perfect final touches. 

Talk to our experts at the GWM Wedding flagship so we can match the detail of your dress to your accessories!

To book your bridal consultation, you can call us at 0391917838, email, or book through our website.

*All of our ready-to-wear gowns can be made to size or made to measure.

Made to measure wedding dresses mean that all alterations are included in the price as long as your size stays the same; for made by size gowns, these come at a more affordable price, but if alterations are required, that cost will be on top.

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