Bridal accessory check list! Part II

Bridal accessory check list! Part II

After choosing the right veil and jewelry accessories here are a number of additional accessories that every bride might need to make sure she looks perfect on her special day.

Wedding shoes that are comfortable enough to dance the night away

Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding day can be a lot easier than most think. The height of the wedding shoes can determine how comfortable the bride is during the wedding festivities. Finding the right height heel can ensure you are confident and comfortable all night, the shorter the heel the less amount of pressure on the balls of your feet meaning more time on the dance floor. There are a few styles of heels that brides can choose from:

Stiletto heels are one of the most traditional heel shapes, with a thin high heel the front of the shoe can come in multiple designs and shapes. If stiletto heels worry you as a bride due to their comfort and stability, block heels are a great alternative, block heels give more steadiness to the heel and take more pressure off the balls of the feet. Kitten heels are also a great stylish shoe choice for brides who want a feminine, comfortable shoe without the height but still very bridal. If the bride wants something a little more modern and comfortable sneakers and or flats are also an alternative shoe choice.

All shoes from:


A clutch bag for wedding day essentials

there is always a need for a bag and being a bride there might be multiple trinkets that you may need to ensure you have everything in one place all night. why not have a bridal clutch that is not only convenient and practical but with all the new styles and designs they can also be a great accessory option to match your wedding gown. with choices of different fabrics and beading options, there is something for everyone. with all the different options matching the clutch to the wedding dress is always an option. with satin clutches, tulle, lace or embroidered bags, and even different beaded options like pearls, diamonds, and rhinestones.

A jacket, cape, or shawl to cover your shoulders in case it gets chilly 

depending on the time of year and location it might get a little cold and chilly during the evening of the weddidng. accesorising with cape or shawl over the wedding dress ensures the bride will be comfortable and warm during the whole wedding festivities.

Bolero L07

Cape L03


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*We make all our ready-to-wear/couture gowns either made to size or made to measure. Made-to-measure wedding dresses mean that all alterations are included in the price as long as your size stays the same; for made-by-size gowns, these come at a more affordable price, but if alterations are required, that cost will be on top.

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