Bridal Shoes

Bridal Shoes

No matter how much you think your wedding dress hides your legs, don’t neglect to
consider what you’ll wear on your feet! There is a variety of options for bridal footwear,
some of which we have explored below!

Heels are certainly the classic choice for wedding shoes. There are countless options for
different styles of heels to suit your look! Try shoes with a big bow to suite a tulle-packed,
cheeky look, or heels with pearls for a timeless feel. You can’t go wrong with a delicate,
strappy heel, either. For the rustic and boho brides, take a look at embroidered heels,
featuring florals matching your colour scheme– the perfect chance to include your “something blue”!

Heels and socks are also very on trend– depending on which socks you choose, this can be incredibly elegant or a fun, relaxed detail.

Comfort Options
As beautiful as heels are, it’s rare to find a girl who’s 100% comfortable in heels, especially
for a long event such as your wedding. If you’re looking for a comfy option, try some boots!
Have fun with the colour, style, and accents on the heel. If boots are still too much, go for
some sneakers– it’s your day!


An extra detail
A common wedding tradition involving shoes is having your partner write a message on the
sole of your shoes for the day (and you can do the same for theirs). Walk forward knowing
that the love of your life is by your side all the way.

Written by Anna Blanch

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