Custom made

Custom made
GWM Bridal Lace

At GWM Wedding, we use mainly three types of lace for our bridal gowns. We love playing with different lace styles. Either by cutting them into smaller pieces and reconfiguring…

Danielle’s Wedding Dress

  During these uncertain times, we want to bring you a beautiful story.One year ago, Danielle was supposed to get married, but COVID-19 hit, and all the plans had to…

Two-Piece Wedding Dress Melbourne

During the past year, we have seen an increase in Two pieces combinations from our brides-to-be. At GWM Wedding, we love this trend, and we have fully submerged ourselves into…

Haute Couture 2021

During last year’s Melbourne Lockdown, we took the opportunity at GWM Wedding to design something unique and special. We sat down and looked at what the brides had liked, at…

Custom made Dresses

We love working on unique wedding dresses for our brides to be! We’ve had fascinating concepts presented to us during the past few years. And we have created some fantastic…

Why bridal jumpsuits are a great idea!

If you are either planning a small wedding or a big wedding with many outfit changes, these are the reasons why you should consider wearing a bridal jumpsuit.  Small Wedding: …

GWM’s Fashion Atelier

At GWM Wedding we are very excited to show you our fashion atelier. The heart and soul of our company. All our dresses are handcrafted in Hanoi, Vietnam. The amazing…

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