Choosing your wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue

Choosing an appropriate wedding venue is one of the most important things in the planning process of all grooms and brides. However, some couples might struggle while deciding where their sweet ceremony would be, and how it would look like. Then let’s have a read over our suggestions and see whether it could help you plan your venue easier and quicker.


1, Set an applicable budget:

This is probably always the first consideration before a couple decides on a venue for their big day. And it is worth to determining how much you are willing to spend on a venue as it might help you to figure out the shape of the venue style out of a thousand choices. However, remember that there would be several extra costs appear such as taxes, or whether you have to hire tables, pay served meals, etc. Thus, don’t forget to ask the venue manager to work out the actual hire price to avoid being caught out by surprise costs.

2, What is your wedding theme?

Sit down with your partner and define how you wish your wedding to look like. Are you a traditional couple and willing to celebrate your big day in a church with your loved one in coziness? Whether you are in love with the blue sea and looking for a relaxed occasion that is not too formal? Or you can take advantages of a floral garden to make everything in your wedding completely gorgeous! By the time you define your wedding theme, a venue style is no longer a big problem.

(Church wedding)

(Beach wedding venue – Vero Beach)

3, Be aware of the weather:

It is necessary to be prepared about how the weather would be on your wedding day then consider whether you need to make any changes for the venue to be suitable with the weather. Or in case you are not deeply into any venue style, you can just let the weather decide it! A garden wedding venue in a floral spring? Or a beach wedding to dispel all the hot and muggy of summer.

(Garden wedding in spring – Patina Events)

4, Other services:

When you have decided a venue that meets all your needs, don’t forget to inquire if there is provided service along with the venue. Such as whether they have their own parking area or there is a parking nearby to make sure that it is easy and convenient for your guests.  As many venues provides additional services like catering, floral arrangements, decor for event production, and sight-seeing tours for the guests.

5, Call around to check:

Once everything has been set and you are happy with your selected venue, it is time to call for the booking. As there might also be couples who book the venue months before their wedding, so that it is important to call the manager or owner to check the availability of the venue to prepare for any changes happened.

(Spring Lake)

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