Decoration Ideas for a Garden Wedding

Decoration Ideas for a Garden Wedding

As we see September out, the weather just keeps getting warmer, and we at GWM can’t
help but daydream about the perfect garden wedding. Warm nights and colourful sunsets,
and lush green grass lit up by dangling lights. What could be more romantic? Here are our
favourite ideas for decorating your dream
garden wedding.

Hanging Lights
Nothing sets the mood like warm lights hanging overhead. Complement the orange-y sunset
with beautiful lighting as the evening sets in. These lights can range from tiny twinkling fairy
lights to a coppery exposed-bulb look.

Hanging Flowers
Hanging flowers l from the branches above you, an enforced frame, or the underside of your
marquee is sure to make your guests feel like they’re in a fairy-tale. Use greenery, flowers
matching your bouquet, or ribbons and other dangling décor to create an enchanted forest

Floral Accents in your signage
Make use of the spring flowers by drying some and using them in your welcome signs or
seating lists. You could even ask your florist for the cuttings from your bouquet for expert
decorating cohesion!

It sounds strange, but large sheets of draping fabric over trees or a wooden archway can
create an unmatched whimsical vibe.

Logs and wooden off-cuts
To tie your tables into the nature around you, try taking cuttings of logs or other pieces of
nature to display your centrepieces on. These centrepieces can hold candles, flowers, fruit,
or anything else that brings your woodland vibe together.

For a moodier look, try using antique furniture to set up seating areas or photo spots for
your guests. This could include lounges, chaises longues, coffee tables, lamps, and even

Achieve your perfect garden wedding with these whimsical ideas!

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