Easy guide to Wedding Invitations

Easy guide to Wedding Invitations

Have you started planning your wedding? Do you have a date yet? If so, it’s time to get organized, starting with your wedding invitations.

Wedding invitations are very important, they offer the guests a sample of what type of wedding you’re having, and they list critical information to make sure people know where to go and what time to be there.

Invitations should go out a couple of months to six weeks before the wedding. Guests need to put the date on their calendars. They may also need to ask for time off from work and make hotel reservations if they’re coming from out of town.

You might also want to consider sending a “save the date” card.


You need to include the names of the bride and groom, location, date, and time. Sometimes parents’ names are listed on invitations, depending on your circumstances. Over all, the wording on the invitation should be well thought out before placing your order.


Guest List:

You should make a list of all the names of your invited guests, including every member of the family and children.

All family members in the same household should be listed together. It is fine to send one invitation per household, but you’ll need to know who will or won’t be there for planning purposes.



Formal and semi-formal wedding invitations typically come with two envelopes: one that is slightly smaller than the other so you can tuck it inside. On the outside envelope, you’ll include your return address and the name of the family you are inviting. Use the standard format for mailing to ensure that it arrives at the intended destination. The inside envelope may have the individual names of the people you’re inviting.



If you are inviting children, all you have to do is put “and family” on the invitation. Otherwise, lists the names of the adult invitees in the household. Some people don’t understand that this means their children are not invited,  so they may add their names to the response. In this case, you may call and let them know that this is an adults only event.



Include a stamp on the RSVP card to make it convenient for your guests to respond. All they have to do is jot down the number of people who will be attending in the space provided and drop it in the mail. The responses should come in before you order food for the reception. If the invitees haven’t responded, divide the names among those helping you and call.



There are so many directions you can take when inviting your friends and family to your big day. Keep in mind that while picking out and designing your invitation is an exciting official wedding task to take on, you shouldn’t feel too much pressure to have it be perfect. Here are some popular designs:


Is a technique that creates a hard, raised surface. This is one of the most popular types of wedding invitations. There are so many styles, colours and fonts to choose from ones you have decided on letterpress invitations.




You can choose exactly how personal you want to get with it. If you have a friend who is a great artist, you can have him/her draw a cartoon version of the two of you; print your engagement photo on the invitation; … While personalized wedding invitations are not cheap, they are unique and leave room for as much creativity as you would like.




A fashion style that combines hippie influence with a modern look. Boho-chic wedding invitations tend to include floral decorations and a variety of somewhat pale colours.




This cool style will make your wedding cards unique and fun. With a nice colour scheme, maybe the same as your wedding; you can choose a youthful look with streaks and blots or an elegant gentle look.




Create a wedding invitation with a modern twist. Add bright colours, bring together different types of shapes and maybe even add some stripes.




They tend to be printed on brown paper and are often wrapped with white lace, and the font and overall format tends to be simple.


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