Floral Trends 2021

Floral Trends 2021

We have seen a dramatic change in the floral trends for weddings in 2021. With having to reschedule their dates and often making weddings smaller than anticipated, couples getting married this year have been opting for fun, colorful, and expressive floral arrangements to combat the gloom of lockdowns. We have been following the trends closely at GWM Wedding to help you pick the perfect flowers to go with your dream dress!

Below we included some of our favorite trends, which focus on color and texture as a way to stand out from the crowd.

Colours for all seasons

In a departure from blush which has been a favorite over the last few years, muted earth tones have their moment in the spotlight. Colors like rust, copper, and mustard look beautiful year-round but are especially lovely for an autumn wedding. They look at home in a traditional outdoor ceremony, but when mixed with ivory can look stunning for a more modern, urban wedding as well. Consider highlighting it with a pop of cornflower blue, another color gaining popularity with brides this year.

Petite Bouquets

With couples forced to cut down their guest list to stay in line with current covid restrictions, many choose to embrace the intimate feel of a smaller wedding, which is reflected in their choice of flowers. Brides are choosing more petite arrangements for their bouquets, highlighting color and texture rather than size. This too extends to centerpieces, shorter; more romantic flowers are often a better fit with a small wedding.

Draped flowers

Although centerpieces might not have as much height as years went by, having arrangements that trail over the edge of your tables certainly doesn’t mean you have to go for a minimalist look. No longer confined simply to vases, couples in 2021 choose to have a more organic look, with flowers arranged, so they feel as though they are part of the venue. Draped from the ceiling, surrounding the dancefloor, and along the windowsill give a romantic, lush vibe that gives the whole wedding a more intimate feel.


Another trend we have seen this year with bridal bouquets is highlighting texture as a feature. Combining dried and fresh flowers adds color and dimension to your bouquet without drawing attention away from you. It also means your flowers will stay looking nicer throughout the event, and you could have the whole bouquet dried after the big day to keep as a reminder of your wedding!

Once you’ve selected your flowers, come in to see us at GWM Wedding, as we specialize in custom jewelry that matches your flowers. Our delicate and elegant pieces will elevate your look while making you feel unique and beautiful with a collection including headpieces and earrings.

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