Making Wedding Dress Shopping More Manageable With These Few Easy Tricks

Making Wedding Dress Shopping More Manageable With These Few Easy Tricks

It may be hard to believe but a majority of bridal assistants live vicariously through your joy. Yes we said it! We sniffle as we hand you and your mum the tissues at the fitting and are dying to see your final look on your big day. So when you leave a bridal appointment unsatisfied or sad, it leaves us feeling the same way too.

Since we are on the same page, here are some few steps you can take to ensure your appointment runs seamlessly if not better than most:

1.Book an appointment

Don’t get us wrong, we love walk-ins, but appointments are helpful in ensuring that the store is ready for you, especially if you are keen to purchase on that day, remember that you may find yourself among many other walk-ins or clashing with other appointments or fittings.


As such you may miss out on the attention you would have required to be given to make you feel well attended to. In addition, giving stores a heads up allows them to plan in advance for price shifts e.g if you missed a sale by a day they could extend it to the next day.


2.While booking, give accurate information on budget, style and size

This is the most vital step. As much as we wish we could, not all stores stock all sizes neither do they all have their stock in house. Most have showrooms with the sample sizes of the dresses. Giving a rough idea of your budget size and style can allow the store to pull out what they may have put aside or bring in dresses from external storage before you arrive.

3.Find out if the stores price ranges coincide with yours

Nobody wants to take take a wasted trip. If you are sure about your price range and it is fixed, don’t forget to ensure that where you book an appointment coincided with this. Otherwise both you and the attendants will leave a little frustrated.

4.Have a look at the stores collection on their website prior to your appointment

This helps you have a rough idea of the stores capabilities in terms of the different styles and designs they are experts at. In addition, you may be able to see designs that are not physically available in store. For example,When it comes to some material and fabric like lace, it can be quite difficult to obtain the same pattern once more. This is the case with some older bridal collections. Sometimes brides leave under the assumption that the store does not have what they need only to find it online.

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