Melbourne Cup Dress Up Do’s And Dont’s

Melbourne Cup Dress Up Do’s And Dont’s

Unfortunately we will not be able to remain open for our awesome customers this coming Tuesday.

However, we will be back soon. In the mean time ,you can focus your full attention on the Melbourne Cup festivities. I, for one had no idea about the details and preparation you have to do before the day.

Similar to your wedding day, you have to spruce yourself up and wear something classy or snazzy. Curiosity got the better of me and I found out these few dressing do’s and dont’s when attending this event.


‘NO THONGS ! ‘ is all I see trending when discussing the dresscode regarding shoes ?. Basically just find a presentable pair of formal wear shoes and you will be fine ?. Just like the bridal dilemma of ‘will these heels sink into the garden or carpet ?’ The same is to be considered at the Cup’s grounds …avoid stilleto type heels so you do not aerate the turf.

Shirt and Pants / Dress

The cup dress code is very big on tailored and formal attire such as suits and ties for men or a blazer over quality fabrics like cotton and silk. When it comes to ladies, tailored dresses with the aforementioned & other high quality fabrics are most suited to the day.


As spring settles in ,undoubtedly there may be a need to shelter, sheath and tame your hair with a hat. Formal and high end hats are often worn by a majority of people on the day. It is not advisable to wear caps and hats which do not look presentable at the event.

Otherwise we hope you have a wonderful Melbourne Cup Day and always trust GWM to ensure you are dressed in your best.

If you are curious about usand would like to stop by or if you have any questions or queries, feel free to email us at or call 0391917838.

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