New Gifting Trends At Weddings

New Gifting Trends At Weddings

One of the biggest problems we all face is the most common action of gifting each other. Majority of people adore being surprised with things they might have needed or simply like. Unfortunately, when gifting a couple, the pressure is multiplied by two.

For one you are not truly aware, unless explicitly told or you easily observe, what the other party really wants or needs by the time you gift them. I have spent countless hours wracking my brain yearly for birthdays and anniversaries. Weddings, however, have began to have a few gifting hacks that i can share with you today:

Gifting Pool

This is the oldest trick in the book. Simply find as many people as acceptable and either go in on one massive gift or gesture together such as a cruise or trip package for the couple.


We all know this one. It is mainly for couples who know what they want and had put their foot down after watching others receiving redundant gifts or things they do not need in shades they do not like. This mostly involves registering with a store and leaving them with a list of the things you would like as gifts and that your guests can purchase from the list and store in question.

Wishing Well

Just like the name, you are wishing the couple well. How you ask? By tossing some coins in their wishing well 🙂 …kidding! It is basically giving your friends the money to buy or do what they want. Some would argue that this may be the best for those couples that may still be covering some expenses post wedding.

Affordable Installment Gifts

A good example is if the couple are supporters of particular sports and teams that have some membership plans that can be paid in installments. You can pay these off slowly or in turn with some other friends and they are quite affordable.

Remember that these are only some few savvy options. Feel free to find your own way according to your relationship with the one(s) you are gifting. You may even prefer to gift something made by hand or lovely accessories or trinkets doused in sentiment. No matter what you decide to do, don’t forget that GWM is here for you all through and we are always collaborating and working with businesses that might be near you!

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