Is it Okey to wear black to a wedding?

Is it Okey to wear black to a wedding?

With wedding season come the issue of finding an outfit to wear to the celebration. Traditionally speaking, wearing black to a wedding is considered taboo. Whether it’s a sign of mourning, a symbol of evil, or a sign of bad luck for the marriage. Like many etiquette rules surrounding weddings often fall into a grey area.

Luckily for us, times are changing and many wedding traditions are no longer relevant in today’s modern society. And this is one of them.

It often varies based on the specific event and people getting married. Here are some events that you need to take into consideration.

A traditional church ceremony

Black is still considered the traditional colour of mourning in the church and is worn for sombre events of respect such as funerals or even Good Friday services.

Steering clear of the black gown in this instance will mean that you don’t accidentally offend anyone based on religious grounds. Consider this rule for other cultural weddings.

Black dresses for the Bridesmaids.

Black bridesmaids dresses are particularly popular. A general rule of thumb, always find out what the bridal party is wearing, you don’t want to accidentally match. This is particular relevant for black dresses because unless they have defining features, they can often blend into the crowd.

Beach or garden wedding

If you are attending a sunny daytime wedding that’s going to be held outside, you might find yourself standing out against the bright colours and pastels of other guests. Deciding whether you want to stand up or not on the day can help you decided which dress to take out of the wardrobe.

Let us know if you would wear a black dress to a wedding. Or even if you would have your bridesmaids wear black!

Thank you for reading,

The GWM Team

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