Paradiso for Sample Sale

Paradiso for Sample Sale

Our Paradiso will be part of our Sample Sale in its entirety.
A fantastic spring/summer collection from 2019 for the modern and boho bride. With most dresses for under $2000, these samples came out just before our previous lockdown, so all gowns are new and impeccable! So if you are looking for an immaculate sample, this is the collection for you!
Sizes ranging from AU10 to AU16, and all dresses have enough seam allowance to go up or down two sizes during alterations.

Here are some of our favorites:


GWM1922 – Koekohe



GWM1927 – Formentera



GWM1912 – Tangalle



GWM1933 – Tunnels


We pride ourselves on designing all dresses to the highest standard at GWM Wedding, including high-quality fabrics and laces. Talk to our experts at the GWM Wedding flagship, so we help you find the perfect place for your wedding day!

To book your bridal consultation, you can call us at 0391917838, email, or book through our website.

*We make all our ready-to-wear/couture gowns either made to size or made to measure. Made-to-measure wedding dresses mean that all alterations are included in the price as long as your size stays the same; for made-by-size gowns, these come at a more affordable price, but if alterations are required, that cost will be on top.

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