The Perfect Bridal Shower

The Perfect Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower is for the Maid of Honor, it’s time to plan the perfect bridal shower for your best friend. Here are some tips that will get you through it.

Remember that communication is key unless it’s a surprise. It’s super important to know what the bride wants. Discussion about the date, if it’s all women or co-ed. All of this is very important questions to ask before you start planning.


Usually, it takes about 3 months to plan the perfect Bridal Shower. This allows you enough time to get hold of everything. They are typically held about two months before the wedding date, however, confer with the bride so she can make sure there are no scheduling conflicts.

The Location is very important. You can either host the party at your house or other bridesmaids or parents house. It is also common to hold the bridal shower at a restaurant, winery, or anywhere the bride would enjoy.

Top tip, if you plan on hosting the bridal shower somewhere other than someone’s house, make the reservations as soon as possible.

As for the Guest List, make sure you check with the bride to be to see if there’s anyone special she wants to attend the shower so you don’t miss out on her favourite people. You might also want to check with the bride’s mom or mother in law so that you don’t miss any family members off the list.

Remember that is not necessary to invite every female that is coming to the wedding to the shower.



Planning the bridal shower will become a bit easier once you pick a theme, not every bridal shower has a theme, but if it does have one, make sure it is something that fits the bride’s personality.

Is she a bohemian queen? Is she more traditional? Check out some of these popular ideas!

Bohemian Theme

Perfect for spring or summer, the bohemian theme gives you and your guests the chance to dress in floral maxi dresses, high waisted trouser and gladiator sandals. The best part about this theme is that flowers are a must, you can even do a station on how to make your own flower crown. There will be plenty of photo opportunities.

Wine Tasting

A wine tasting class is both unusual and classy. This can be carried out by the chief bridesmaid herself or hosted in a certified winery. In case you want to host it yourself ask guests to bring two bottles of their favourite wine (one to share and one to give to the couple) along with their favourite recipe that goes with their wine selection. Serve a nice assortment of cheese and crackers for an elegant wine tasting shower. But make sure to have some non-alcoholic options as well!

Arts and Crafts

This is a fun and hands-on theme. It can be carried out at home or in an actual craft venue. From fascinator making, flower workshops and jewellery making to live art painting, there is something to suit all groups.


Why not spice it up a little bit and start the celebrations earlier rather than later? The brunch should definitely include a coffee bar, waffle station, mini pancake stacks and cereal and milk popsicles. Or perhaps, if your girls are thirsty or seeking something a little stronger, a Pimp your Prosecco station will satisfy their needs.



What’s most important is to make sure that the lovely bride to be is the centre of attention.

Provide lots of fun and lots of snacks to keep everyone involved and happy.


When it comes to the food, consider the time of the shower will be held and your budget.

Be careful of hosting the party around meal times, like lunch or dinner, as guests may expect there to be a full meal, rather than snacks. If you are on a tight budget and the part is mid-afternoon, you may want to only serve appetizers, or for an early evening bash, you could simply serve a spread of desserts.

Keep in mind vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as alcohol-free cocktails.


Just like the food, do not feel like you must spend a ton of money on the decorations. Pinterest is always helpful when it comes to finding cute & cheap ways to decorate parties. We suggest sprinkling in DIY aspects alongside rented decorations. This balance creates a theme that boasts of class and elegance while satisfying your wallet.

Make sure to have the tables set with pretty decorations; there is nothing more stunning than walking into a party room and seeing the tables beautifully staged.

Give the bridal cake a perfect finish with a decorative cake stand to enhance the theme of the party.


It is important to plan some amusing activities that involve everyone so that nobody becomes a wallflower. Bridal shower games can really liven up the party and they can be a great way for guests to find out more about the bride and her future husband. Remember the more fun you have planned it, the more fun the games will be!

Karaoke has become a massive hit at bridal parties, a “Bride and Groom” trivia can be fun too; just get creative and let loose a bit!

Thank you for reading,

Love, The GWM Team

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