The most exciting moment – Custom Made dresses

The most exciting moment – Custom Made dresses

For all Brides who ordered a custom-made dress, your first fitting is very important. So share that especial moment with family members and friends. Do you feel excited? Are you feeling nervous? Does the dress fit you well? Is the dress what you designed from beginning? Did you lose or gain weight? Do your friends love your dress? There are many questions and emotions around before you try it on. Those precious moments will not be forgotten in your life time.

Below you can find 3 things real brides should know when receiving a couture dress:

  1. Be aware the price, it might change:

In saying this, if your original design idea or choice of fabric changes, or you just want to add up more beading, more lace, some buttons. Then this may increase the price a little bit. Factor in if your wedding dress is made to measure or by size, for the later you will have to pay for alterations.

  1. You may need more fittings than you think, especially if you plan to lose or gain weight:

The amount of fittings you will have depends on firstly the style of your dress.  Secondly, your choice of fabric. Thirdly, the way your designer works to make your dress more beautiful. And finally, it also depends on your plan to lose or gain more weight.

So what the brides should do?

Ideally is to maintain your same figures if you are happy with your shape. Otherwise, you should let your store know if your weight is changing. They might be able to adjust the dress before finalizing it. Worst case scenario you will have to pay for extra alterations.

Keep in mind that if you lose a lot of weight or gain a lot of weight just before your final fitting, there’s a chance the price of your dress will increase. That’s meant the dressmaker will have to frantically make major alternations last minute.

  1. You will experience something unique in your life designing your own dress:

Have you been trying wedding dresses for the past months, but you can’t find anything? Are you ashamed of the number of dresses you have looked at? If that is the case, we recommend getting your dress done by a professional designer.

So what the professional designer can do?

They can help you merge all of those things that you liked into one dress and keep your budget afloat.

A unique dress for a unique bride, do not compromise and get your dream dress!


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