5 Unique Wedding Ideas

5 Unique Wedding Ideas
Date Night Ideas Jar with Popsicle Sticks

When designing a dream wedding it’s important to many couples that their big day shows as much of their personality as possible and is fun for everybody. Decorating your venue wherever it may be, and organising activities for yourself and your guests can be one of the more challenging parts of wedding planning.

There is plenty to think about when planning your ceremony and reception and this list outlines five fun and unique ways you can spruce up your wedding and let your personality shine through.

      1. Mismatched Chairs

Mismatched Chairs in backyard wedding

Many people having backyard or DIY weddings are opting to buy their chairs from antique shops or thrift stores. This is an inexpensive and gorgeous option for anyone looking to have a truly unique feel at their ceremony.

The range of different possibilities are endless with this as there is never any shortage of quirky or colourful furniture at your local thrift.

       2. Polaroid Guest Book

Polaroid Guest Book

What better way to encapsulate the memories from your big day than by having guests snap a pic of themselves to go along with their special messages.

This is a fun twist on the time old tradition of the wedding guest book. Your  guests can have fun and get creative with their photos and you receive the lasting images of your big day.

       3. Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Green Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses have been slowly gaining more traction recently.

Why not let your bridesmaids pick out their dresses in whatever colour or material you like best? Thus adding a unique look to your wedding that showcases personality and brings a depth to your photos together.

       4. Date Jar

Date Night Ideas Jar with Popsicle Sticks

A fun way to spice up your reception and your lives as newlyweds is with this creative date night jar. Guests can get inventive adding their most adventurous date ideas for the happy couple to test out after the wedding.

This is just another way for the memories of your wedding to stay with you throughout your lives together.

       5. Audio Guest Book

Rotary Phone Audio Guest Book

Another creative take on the traditional wedding guest book is this audio log. Instead of just leaving a note in a book, guests are able to call a set number and leave a voicemail.

This is a one of a kind way to make the guest book extra special on your big day. The audio log freezes in time such a special moment in your lives.


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