Valentines Day Tips For The Recently Engaged

Valentines Day Tips For The Recently Engaged

So you are recently engaged!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations! However, if you did so shortly before Valentines day, it can be a tricky day to maneuver.

Here are some tips:

1. Visit places that commemorate your milestones.

It is a good day to reminisce on why you adore each other so and as such a little tour of your love’s history can be refreshing and reaffirming.

2. Valentines Day Engagement Party

Throwing your engagement over valentines day gives you and those close to you a good opportunity to celebrate both of you and each other .

3. Shopping

Most stores have valentines day sales, some specifically target brides. Have a look around or online together and plan a little shopping spree for the wedding or for personal special effects that are well priced on the day.

4. Bridal Fitting

How beautiful it would be to fall in love with your dream gown on valentines day.

What a story to tell the kids ;). I admit this last point is a tad bit biased but it is true. Bridal Boutiques such as ourselves often have big sales on the day.

Window shopping does not hurt and you might be surprised that you can afford something often too pricey to consider.

Treat yourself this valentines and try one of these. also has a few tips for you too.

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