Valentine’s Month SALE

Valentine’s Month SALE

Since this Romantic month has come upon us, here at GWM we decided to do s Special Sale for all brides getting married soon. Come in or book your appointment before the 28th of February and receive a 30% Off all Samples or a 15% Off all new Orders. What a better way to start planning your perfect wedding!

GWM’s Valentine Month SALE

Really there is no better way to celebrate your love in general, than by marrying the love of your life on Valentine’s day! Another amazing perk is that it will bring together all the people you love, and none of your friends will be sitting at home lonely. I mean what is Valentine’s day all about, if not love, friends, family and marriage? If you ask us there is no better way to celebrate your special day!

Here are some reasons why Valentine’s day Wedding is ideal:

– Friends and Family get to spend the day celebrating:

With Valentine’s Day being such a conflicting day for some people, you give the opportunity to everyone, single or not to celebrate love in a different way; and can make the date a memorable day for everyone to reflect on the next years.

– Love Themed Wedding for hopeless romantics:

There is no excuse, for a Valentine’s Day wedding you can go all out. Red decorations, hearts everywhere, balloons, rose petals; there is no limit on the Romantic theme for Valentine’s Day wedding. Your guest will appreciate if you include a little detail for all the couples present on your wedding day so they can do a little celebration of their own.

Source: internet

– You will have a valentine for life:

For anyone who’s spent Valentine’s Day solo, it’s easy to see the perk of knowing you’ve got a valentine forever.

– It’s memorable:

It’s no secret that anniversaries often are forgotten by family and friends (even sometimes the Groom). But Valentine’s Day wedding it surely will be remembered every year by everyone.

Source: internet

-It’s an event:

Assuming you are a couple who enjoys a night out to celebrate; there is no shortage of things to do on Valentine’s Day. Practically every restaurant and hotel have something going on; even music venues often get in on the fun offerings.

-Sales: While it’s always exciting to give gifts to your partner; it’s even better when you can do so in an affordable manner. Many department stores, jewellers and online retailers offering Valentine’s sweethearts deals. This is the time to get him something he’s been longing for.


Thank you for reading,

Love, The GWM Team

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