Veils do’s and don’ts

Veils do’s and don’ts

Wedding veils can ass the right amount of drama to your wedding look. However, so many different options in length and finishes, it can get tricky. At GWM Wedding, we have our specialist stylist to help you find the right one for you. 

But in the meantime, here are the do’s and don’ts of how to find the perfect veil. 

DO Find Your Dream Dress First

Once you have found the perfect gown, you can start looking for all your bridal accessories. Your choice of wedding dress will help shape the style of veil you might choose.

Keeping that in mind, there are always exceptions, such as the veil had been passed down in your family. In that case, you need to consider the veil when choosing the dress. 

Joanne – GWM Bride 2020

DO Set a Budget

It is essential to decide what you are willing to spend on your wedding veil. It will help narrow down your options and stay clear of trying on veils over your budget. 

Veils can be more expensive than you might think and just like dresses do range in price depending on their finish.

DO Consider Your Hairstyle

Considering your hairstyle on the day is crucial when finding the perfect veil. If it is to be up or down, if you will be wearing hair accessories, all of these details will help you choose the veil style that suits your overall look.

And that brings me to our next ‘DO’ of the list. 

DO Bring Your Veil to Your Trial Hair Appointment

Once you have considered all of the points mentioned before, make sure you have it with you to try it on with any hairstyles you are considering to see the full effect.

Nina – GWM Bride 2019

DON’T (Unintentionally) Mismatch

Dresses are white, ivory, or all numbers of colors that need to have a matching veil. Make sure your dress and veil match each other precisely if they are both a shade of white. It will be distracting and look sloppy if they are close, but not quite the same color.

DON’T Get Dictated by Tradition

Don’t worry about what tradition dictates (unless you want to!) Some people feel that it is inappropriate for brides to wear veils for a second marriage. Feel free to ignore this completely. Weddings have become so fun because there are so many different ways that people can celebrate, so what you wear or don’t wear is entirely up to you.

Danira – GWM Bride 2019

DON’T Forget You Can Change Your Mind

One of the great things about veils is that they are optional (unless your religion or culture requires them). That means that if you were planning on wearing a veil but decide at the last minute that you don’t want to, that is fine!

We can’t wait to help all brides to be, find their perfect wedding veil in store,

The GWM Team

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