Waist Defining Bridal Hacks

Waist Defining Bridal Hacks

Many brides often ask us for waist defining bridal hacks.

Here are a few that seem trivial but are effective.

1)Use A Belt

This is a simple solution but it is largely dependent on the silhouette of the dress and that the waistline of it matches your own


E.g. is it’s waistline higher or lower than where you comfortably place your belt?  In a gown your size, where the waistline is flexible or well positioned, a belt can be complimentary .


2)Try lace up gowns

These are designed to pull in your mid section and works for all sizes.


3) Try dresses with illusion waistband cut outs

An illusion waistband cut out is basically sheer material in place of the opaque lining around the waist. They are not only applicable for fitted gowns, like the ones above, but they can be fitted on different silhouettes such as A lines etc.


4)Lining Shapes and Lace Patterns

The direction of and pattern of the lace is suited to each person differently according to their tastes and shape.

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