Wedding cake Trends 2020

Wedding cake Trends 2020

The cake is a crucial part of a wedding! At GWM, we have gathered the most popular trends for 2020! Discover the top 3 decorations that will be seen everywhere during this wedding season.

Natural & Edible Flowers

Flowers on wedding cakes are an excellent option, and sugar flowers are not going anywhere. But Edible flowers and grand and extravagant flower arrangements are on the up. 

More and more people are requesting edible flowers. No sugar, no chocolate, just beautiful natural flowers that you can eat! Who wouldn’t want to get on board with this fantastic trend? 

Surprisingly a good number of traditional flowers are safe to eat to match your bouquet to the cake!

Perfect for a garden wedding, this trend will impress your guests. 

Using flowers can make a wedding cake look unique and bring a touch of femininity and rustic charm to it. 

Most floral designs have buttercream or ganache, but some cake designers dear to accompany them with fondant. 

In conclusion, whatever cake you go with, don’t be afraid of using color and big arrangements. 

Texture, texture, texture! 

Bolder patterns and textures are on the rise! This trend has opened the imagination and creativity of cake designers. Bold colors and intricate patterns are a must for this technique! 

These cakes can be made in many different ways, and techniques, buttercream, fondant, and ganache are the many options that offer a variety of price ranges for the bride and groom.

The change in prices depends on the raw ingredients and the difficulty of the texture and detail. Buttercream is often the most comfortable option to handle. 

To sum up the texture trend up, the more texture, the better.


Minimalistic chic

Minimalistic and single tire cakes have been on the rise with engaged couples during the past few years. It is no surprise since small/micro weddings and elopements have become very popular. 

This year 2020, we have seen a change on the single tire cakes; instead of being the traditional round form, bakers have started making them square! They are great for all events, but especially for the minimalistic celebrations. 

If you plan on having a simple chic wedding cake, you should make sure your baker is comfortable with it. Most bakers don’t feel very comfortable with this type of design unless they specialise in it. 

In conclusion, minimalistic cakes are the best option for a small city wedding or event. 


We hope this information was useful when planing your wedding day!

The GWM Team

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