Winter Wedding Ideas and Trends

Winter Wedding Ideas and Trends

More and more couples are opting to marry during what used to be the off-season for nuptials; Weddings aren’t just spring and summer affairs anymore. Between the romantic ambience of a snowy landscape, the relative lack of competition for vendors and sites. There’s so much to love about chilly weather nuptials.

You shouldn’t feel bound to a palette of winter whites, greens and reds that traditionally surround the holiday season. Why not choose bold, bright colors and create a tropical wonderland of mango orange, key lime green or pineapple yellow? It sounds counter-intuitive, but it can actually create a fun, unexpected setting for your guests.

There are plenty of ways to make your reception an inviting space. With the sun setting early, candles will create a romantic glow right from the start of your party. To add ambience, consider bringing in lush, soft textures. Think: velvet ribbon tied around each napkin or chenille pillows and throws in a lounge area.

So, whether you’re having a winter wedding or not, you can still appreciate some of the hottest trends that are about to be everywhere this season.

Between cakes, flowers, dresses and decorations, we’ve covered it all in preparation for the cold-weather celebrations to come. Check out our list of the best winter wedding ideas, trends and inspiration, below.


Two Groom Looks:

A bow tie swap or a change into a more casual jacket for reception will be a go-to for grooms everywhere this winter.


Neon Signs:

Punch up your colour palette with a custom Neon sign that depicts your hashtag, favourite quote or new initials.


Frozen Flowers:

One of the hottest trends for winter weddings this year will be ice-cold frozen flower arrangements.

Drip Cakes:

A cake topped off with drizzles of decadent icing is perfect for whimsical winter weddings.


Leather Jackets:

Simply top off your dress with a white leather moto jacket that keeps you warm and adds a chic, edgy touch to the rest of your look.

Faux Fur Accents:

Nothing says “cozy winter wedding” like faux fur accents draped over your dining chairs.



Opt for cool colours like forest green, blush, navy or burgundy, and tie it in anywhere – we’re thinking invites, ring boxes, linens, shoes, …

Hot Chocolate Bars:

Create an entire station equipped with candy canes, cinnamon stirrers, marshmallows and lots of whipped cream.


For weddings we suggest using the sophisticated script for everything from sleek leucite tables numbers and mirrors to wine glasses and fondant cakes.


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The GWM Team

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