Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories in Melbourne East

So, you’ve found the dress, the one that you’ve spent your childhood doodling. Conveniently, you’ve also managed to find a husband to go along with the dress! You’ve got the dates organised, the invitations sent, and the deposit set on that lovely church down near Melbourne’s East where you grew up!

What’s next?

Bridal Accessories Melbourne

From veils to headbands, hair crowns to hair clips, hats to gloves, earrings to foot jewellery, and last but assuredly not least a garter! Bridal Accessories are a fantastic way to add authenticity to you and your special moment! If you’re not 100% sure of what bridal accessories you should get for your own wedding, keep reading!

Do I really need bridal accessories?

Bridal accessories add just that little touch of elegance and flair, which can accentuate even the simplest wedding dress designs. They can also serve to give your Bridal veils wedding dress a match with your overall wedding theme. Just imagine adding a sparkly tiara to your princess-inspired wedding dress.

Which bridal accessories should I get?

While every bride has their preferences, here are 3 bridal accessories we think every wedding isn’t complete without:

  • Wedding Jewellery

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Your engagement had something shiny, your anniversary had something shiny; why shouldn’t your wedding? Statement necklaces, tiaras, chandelier earrings, belts, and bracelets are some of the possible options for you to choose from for your big day.

Don’t go overboard though, remember that accessories are there to compliment your wedding outfit without taking too much attention away from it. You should take into consideration your dresses’ neckline, the colour of the jewellery, the theme of your wedding, and even the type of jewellery.

It’s pretty obvious that getting the perfect pieces that fit your style isn’t a simple task. That’s why it’s always a good idea to check out some bridal veils, bridal accessory stores in Melbourne beforehand! Neat little stores like GWM Wedding even offer handmade jewellery if you’re looking for that perfect final piece to complete your look!

  • Bridal Shoes

An absolute necessity in every bride’s selection is the bridal shoe. Obviously, you should most definitely go for that pair you’ve been eyeing up in the catalogues but you ought to remember to check their fit for comfort too!

wedding accessories Melbourne

After all, the wedding isn’t some 20-minute ordeal. It’s hours of tears, laughter, and dancing! So, you have got to make sure what you’re rocking for the night can last you the night without killing your feet in the process. If your wedding is on a lawn, or even at the beach – consider getting some wedges or even flats to save your feet from aches and blisters.

  • Bridal Veil

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We’ve all been there, imagining the moment you get to lift the veil up, and do your vows. It’s a dream come true for a lot of us. Because of that, you need to get the perfect veil for the perfect moment.

Ideally, you should decide on your veil well in advance, and even go into some shops for a couple of trials like: Wearing different veils with different hairstyles and colours. You should definitely look into different veil lengths, materials, styles, and make sure that what you’re happy with matches the rest of your outfit. You could even try a blusher, mantilla or even a Juliet cap to add some classical vibes to your outfit.

If this is all too much for you – don’t sweat it. Just pop into any bridal accessory store in Melbourne, and have a gander at their selections! Don’t be afraid to ask the lovely and capable staff there for help either! Everyone there loves getting the perfect bride their perfect match for their perfect day.

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